Any remodeling or redesigning project that we undertake for our home should begin with budget estimation. Being aware of the funds available will make decision making a quicker process. Beginning closet remodeling with a clear budget is pivotal to effective redesign. In this article, we share with notes on how you can make your budget estimates and what are some of the budget-friendly closet design ideas you can adapt for your home.

  1. Calculating the budget estimate: If you have not set aside a budget already, this is where you begin. Do an exhaustive purge of all the things in your closet. De-clutter and dispose of anything that you do not need anymore. Once this is done, evaluate the items that you currently have and make a list of what needs to be added to your closet. Along with this, draw out a rough blueprint of what the new closet will look like. Corroborate your list with your blueprint to ensure that you have covered all the necessary costs. The next step is straightforward. Assess the value of the items that have to be newly installed and put together an estimated budget for the remodeling project. Don’t forget to set aside emergency costs.


  1. Deciding on the method of remodeling: Once you have an idea of what the budget will be for remodeling, you can jump to deciding how you want to make the changes. Keep in mind, so far we have not budgeted for any human resources (i.e. designers, installers, helpers etc.). Therefore, at this juncture, you will have to ask yourself – Can you take on this project yourself? A closet remodeling project not only requires investment in monetary terms; but also the time and energy of the person involved. It would be difficult to constantly change the design of the closet. Once remodeled, it is going to be your closet for the next few years.


If you feel like you may not have the skill or time to do justice to a redesigning project, hiring professional help is a great solution. Another interesting aspect to consider here; if you can spare enough time, is choosing to do a simple DIY design. Many companies enable their consumers to be able to design a tailor-made closet, which will be delivered. Installing DIY will allow homeowners to get professional help in constructing their closet, while still cutting down the costs for installation. If you have decided which method – whether adopt a DIY project or use professionals, we can move onto the next step.


  1. Discovering budget-friendly ideas: There are many budget-friendly ideas for closet redesign waiting for us to discover. Before jumping all in, consider the possibility of only making changes in your organization strategy. Most often, we tend to think we do not have sufficient closet space, whereas; the reality could be that all your closet needs is a fresh revamped organization method. You can think about hiring professional organizers for this ($50 to $150 per hour).


Get creative with what you choose to add to your closet. Visit different shops, thrift shops, and flea markets. This will allow you to put together an interesting and eccentric looking closet. The flea market can also help you find suitable lighting, carpets, rugs, storage tables and mirrors for your closet. All of this can be found at very reasonable prices. If you have a ladder at home to reach the top shelves of the closet, you can paint the ladder white and use it as a make-shift bag hanger or coat hanger. Similarly, cardboard boxes can also be painted and used as storage boxes (make sure to label everything!).


The options available for us are endless. It is very much possible to remodel a closet with a shoestring budget. The key lies in your creativity!