The year 2022 saw a lot of trendy design ideas that were inspired by fairy lights and dim lighting in the master bedroom. But be it a huge space for a studio-styled bedroom or a comfortable space with a lot of space-saving furniture, the design ideas have gradually changed towards the end of the year.

We have put together, some of the best upcoming master bedroom ideas for the year 2023. Take a look.

Sleek Bed Frame

Padded headboards can be very tempting to install in your bedroom. But if you have a lot of exquisite bedroom accents on the walls and combine them with intricately designed side cabins, the best thing to do is install a sleek bed frame.

A sleek bed frame does not steal the overall look of the room, which comes in handy if you have gone for huge or eye captivating designs around the bed space. After all, if the master bed room is designed with great care, then it is only fair to let the focus remain on the important things.

There are several pretty designs on thinner bed frames that add beauty to the room without stealing all of the focus from other bedroom accents. With a sleek bed frame, you can also go for a large wall accent above the bed or perhaps a meaningful portrait or painting too.

Master Bed Focus

In the bed room, the most important thing is the bed. With that being the case, if your entire interior idea’s goal is to focus on the bed, then there are a few ways you can make that happen with ease. Opt for a super comfy bed with matching quilts and pillows. To steal the focus from everything else and place it on the bed, go for multiple throw pillows.

Installing a padded head board completes the look and also serves as an additional resting option. If you do not have the idea for a padded head board, then choose your bed in such a way that you can still have some throw pillows and super soft bedding.

Neutral colors such as white, beige and ivory go best for this option but with some careful color coordination, you can even use bold colors such as red and bright pink.

Wall Ideas

The bed room wall is the canvas of the room. How you get to design your bedroom rests solely on the color of the walls. If you want the freedom of designing the master bedroom the way you want it, go for a neutral shade for the bedroom wall. White, ivory, grey and beige let you experiment the most with bedroom wall décor and accents.

You can choose furniture in bolder colors as well as original woody shades. Since you have a neutral wall background, most of the bedroom concepts go well together. Besides, an all-white décor is easy to achieve with a white or grey wall background.

Metallic wall accents can be installed with much flair on a neutral background. This is one of the best trends for the year 2023.

Platform beds

Platforms are making statements every now and then depending on how they are coordinated with. And for the upcoming year, the platform bed trend has come with both metallic and wood finish. A platform bed with a white metallic frame is perfect if you want to go for an all-white interior. To add a splash of color, you can go for bold and colorful throw pillows or quilts.

For wood lovers, a wooden platform bed can make room for a comfy and intimate setting. Go for a matte finished wood and make sure you have small cabinets on either side that are parallel to the size of the bed.

You can make your bedroom as utilitarian as possible with conveniently tucked in power points to connect your gadgets.

Dim Lighting

Lighting is the most important aspect of your master bedroom. Make sure your bedroom uses adequate day light when possible. At night, dim lighting is the most sought after trend for 2019. You can go for lighting options that allow you to switch between bright to dim light settings.

While the rest of your house can have bright lighting as you prefer, having dim light in the bedroom actually goes a long way beyond just aesthetics. Research has shown that dim lighting helps you sleep better and fall asleep a lot faster.

Besides, it adds a bit of warmth to your space. Dim yellow lights are the in-thing post the whole fairy lights concept that took the interior décor world by a storm in 2018.

Curtains and Drapes

Having windows close to the bed or farther does not really matter when you have suitable window treatments. While blinds are very tempting to install because of their simplicity in day to day use, curtains and drapes are what make the room alive.

Choose a neutral colored translucent curtain for the inner most layer which will allow daylight in while also protecting your privacy. For the outer layer, a thicker and much darker color that goes with the rest of your bedroom is ideal. This is particularly helpful if you do not want any daylight in or want to completely retain your privacy.

Blinds that are inspired from Japanese interiors are a great option too, but for the best bed room aesthetic, we suggest you invest in some beautiful curtains and drapes.

Floor drama

How can you ignore the bedroom floor while designing the space? The floor is the most underrated aspect of the master bedroom and if designed right, it can highlight and transform any area.

Hard wood floors are always a classic and make for a good base for any space. But with the upcoming year’s design trend, floors that are accessorized with the right rugs and carpets win the game. If you have a very sleek and modern bed room, then a super thick rug can be your companion. However, if you have huge chunky furniture all over the room then you might want to go for a less eye captivating rug.

A rug not only adds aesthetic appeal to the room but also adds utilitarian benefits like keeping your feet warm when you step out in the middle of the night. You can go for multiple rugs on the floor as long as some of the actual floor is visible.

No matter how trendy your ideas are, you need to make sure that they suit your needs and lifestyle. After all, designing an interior space is something that requires more than just an eye for color coordination. When you look for interior décor to design your master bedroom, keep in mind the level of comfort you want to have and base your decisions on that. The rest will fall into place.