Kitchens are a central part of our home. It is essential for us to design our kitchens both in a creative and functional manner. Like any other home décor, kitchen ideas have been evolving over time. We also have different types of kitchens in different homes.  Here are some tips on trendy and classic Kitchen designs:

  1. Decide the Shape of the Kitchen: Kitchens largely come in two shapes: L-shaped kitchen designs and U-shaped kitchen designs. Every design in the kitchen from the sink, the countertop to the height of the microwave will depend on the shape of the kitchen. Once the shape of the kitchen is pre-decided and a blueprint of everything that goes in the kitchen is planned (including appliances, kitchenware, even plants etc.), we can launch into designing your dream kitchen.
  2. Appliance Power: Plan out where all the appliances will go in the blueprint itself. Plan for every appliance, not just the oven, microwave, stove etc. Ensure that you are adding the required sockets and the wiring for all the appliances in the kitchen. Remember, safety comes first. Double-check the wiring and voltages.
  3. Opt for Light Colors: Although for most rooms in the house where overhead lighting will suffice, the same logic cannot be applied to the kitchen. Lights have to be designed in a way that it shines on countertops and doesn’t cast strong shadows while you are working in the kitchen. Thus, it is best to choose light colors in different parts of the kitchen rather than a bright ceiling light.
  4. Design for Easy Management: Design a kitchen that enables you to manage the room easily. Some ideas for this could be adding a cabinet where waste is collected, adding spice/bottle holders, adding top shelves to store away “special dishware” etc.
  5. Get Creative with Storage: A kitchen more than anything else must be functional. This means we arrange everything in the kitchen in an “easy to access” manner. For this, we may have to get creative with the storage spaces that we have. One of the suggestions home decor professionals is to opt for adding open shelves and closed wardrobes of different sizes across a wall of the kitchen. This will add a new look to the kitchen while making efficient storage spaces.