You have come to the right place. Home décor and interior designs have evolved rapidly in the past few years. Every year a new trend is set that helps people live better and more comfortable lives. The kitchen has become a focal point that holds the home together and thus, evolved with the changes in home design. Here are some of the top kitchen trends of 2023.

  1. Large Kitchen Islands: The use of kitchen islands has become versatile. Today, large kitchen islands are installed that have multi-purpose shelves with cabinets, storage space, seating area, under-the-counter appliances, and in a few cases, even stoves and kitchen sinks added to it. Most people today opt to have breakfast at the kitchen island.
  2. L-shaped Kitchen Cabinets: People today prefer to adopt the L-shaped as opposed to the traditional U-shaped cabinets. L-shaped cabinets help increase storage space and also give the kitchen a clean finish.
  3. Open Kitchens: The demand for open kitchens is on the rise. Designers are challenged every day to create open kitchens that have a clear differentiation between the living room and the kitchen space while still retaining the aspects of an open kitchen.
  4. Multiple Ovens: With an increase in our fast-moving lifestyle, homeowners are requesting designers to install multiple devices to allow them to do more in a shorter period of time. The most commonly seen change is the installation of multiple ovens that are built into the walls. This makes it easier to cook multiple dishes at once.
  5. Technology Integrated kitchen: The advancement of technology has changed the way we live. More homes are becoming integrated with technology each day. People are able to control devices with a touch of their phone. Kitchen devices such as refrigerators, coffee makers, instant pots etc. are just a few examples that have become part of the modern kitchen.
  6. Living Walls: With more people living in an apartment or in smaller spaces, it can be difficult to have a kitchen garden. But designers have found a solution to this! The modern household is opting to add “living plant walls” to their kitchen spaces. This is a trend that first began in offices and has now moved towards home décor.
  7. Pet Corners: Almost every house today has a pet. Because of this, demand for pet-friendly kitchens that have feeding stations, beds, separate cabinets etc. are on the rise and have become a part of kitchen design.
  8. Smart storage for appliances: Another design trend that has caught on is having hidden cabinets and storage spaces for appliances. These “appliance garages” help effectively manage storage spaces in the kitchen. Other examples of smart storage include condiment racks, drawer dividers, and wastebasket cabinets.
  9. Two-toned Cabinets: Styling cabinets with a two-tone pattern has become more popular in recent years. Homeowners have a range of options they can choose from, such as – combining two colors of hues, combining a warm and bright color and the always liked – white and grey matte finish cabinets.
  10. Personalized Tiles: The kitchen is an important part of our home. Any design in our house should reflect who we are in some way. Homeowners accomplish this by designing personalized tiles to help create custom-made patterns and palettes that best represent themselves and their home. Many tiling companies offer homeowners the opportunity to create these custom designs online on their websites.
  11. Modern and Traditional Mix: One of the most popular trends in today’s kitchen design is combining the modern look (such as latest appliances, trendy furniture etc.) with a traditional kitchen. This type of design combines the latest trends with the rustic look of a modern-day kitchen. The result is unique and gorgeous.