Are you reorganizing your closet? It can be easy to get lost in the horde of advice on how to go about this. Who else to help you better than professional closet organizers? Below are some secrets that only closet professional closet organizers know!

  1. Leave Empty Spaces Alone: A secret that every professional closet organizer will tell you is to leave the empty spaces in your closet alone. This essentially means that we don’t have to fill every nook and corner with something. If you have hybrid closets, group all the similar things together. That is the only rule to be followed. Don’t dump that one pair of shoes into a small space just because it is available.
  2. Enough Space? Add a Shelf: If you have enough space in your room or your walk-in closet (12 inches between shelves), an extra shelf can be added that can add to the storage space. Homeowners can choose to add some easy DIY shelves that can be moved or removed later on if needed. This new shelf can be used to store shoes or bags. It does not have to be just for clothing.
  3. Store by Use: This is important. It is a point that makes a lot of logical sense and yet we forget to keep this in mind while organizing our wardrobe or closet. The items in the closet must be stored based on the frequency of use more than anything else. All the items or clothes that you most use or repeat should be organized in the most accessible parts; and the least uses ones can be hidden in the difficult to access parts of the closet.
  4. Uniformity for Aesthetics: This is crucial especially in the case of open shelves. Arranging clothes by similarity, grouping the same colors together, investing in same color boxes or similar baskets etc. add aesthetic value to your closet. Uniformity will increase the visual look of your closet.
  5. Take it Outside: The next secret is that not every single item has to fit in the closet. Items such as shoes, bags, and jewelry can be expanded to your room.
  6. Always Have a Ladder: And finally, whether it’s a wall closet or a walk-in closet, have a simple step ladder that makes accessing and moving items in the closet easier.